You're in a place dedicated to motion pictures production.
Here, we love making films, but we love openness too, sharing techniques and knowledge.
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Film Production

Our main focus is film production. You can benefit from our expertise on the whole pipeline of film production.

Short movies, Music videos, Series, Feature films
Motion Design, Animation, Live action

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We develop our own film production tools (animation, asset manager, automations…) which we release freely.

After Effects tools
Our applications
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Sharing techniques and knowledge is important for us, and we value the transparency of our production pipeline.
That’s why we teach and train people, we share guides and tutorials, and we answer as much as possible to all your questions.

Training, Schools, Tutorials, Guides, Forum

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Help us!

An important part of our activities are non-profit (free tools, tutorials, guides, forum, conferences…), because we believe it’s the best way to help each other and make the world a better place

We always need your help to fund those activities, come please yourself in the shop, or make a simple donation.

Our films

These are the latest films we produced and we worked on.

Film production cooperative.
The cooperative structure of Rainbox allows a new organization for the company and its work,
where emancipation, democracy, thriving, solidarity and sharing are our main focus.
We make films in line with our strong ethics, it's what matters most to us.

Our work is guided with some principles included in our founding articles.

1st principle

Rainbox employees are members of the cooperative who develop their professional activities and economic independance together.

2nd principle

The structure of Rainbox guarantees the democracy and the transparency of its administration.

3rd principle

Rainbox gives priority against profit to the promotion and thriving of its members.

4th principle

The common assets of Rainbox are indivisible, to allow the independance of the cooperative and its transmission between generations of members.

5th principle

Rainbox values openness and has no trade secret. We stimulate the sharing of techniques and knowledge.

6th principle

Rainbox works to reduce its environmental impact.
As Rainbox consumes a lot of electricity, all of it comes from renewable energies.

  • Film Production

    We produce all kinds of films (short-movies, feature films, series, music videos, motion design...)

  • Film production services

    We have the expertise and savoir-faire to work on each stage of film production, from writing to editing, either in animation - 2D and 3D - or live action.

  • Development

    We create our own softwares and addons, and release them under a free license, to make them available for most.

  • Help and training

    We share our savoir-faire, either with training and teaching in schools or tutorials and guides.