Old Mother Snow

Thumbeline and Fingerita  live alone with their mother at the edge of a forest overlooking a village. Thumbeline, a rather sulky teenager, isn’t as helpful as her little sister Fingerita who willingly offers to go and gather firewood in the forest.

When her hat falls into an old well, she climbs down to get it and discovers the enchanting world of Old Mother Snow, who makes the snow fall every time she shakes her eiderdown. But the old crone, who has a decidedly witchy air about her, sets out to help the two girls gain in maturity. Like Alice in Wonderland, they are taken on a fantastic journey to discover their true selves.

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  • Character Rigging
  • Compositing

About the film

  • Directed by Célia Tisserant & Arnaud Demuynck
  • Produced by Les Films du Nord
  • 2D Animation, 30 minutes