YUKU and the Flower of the Himalayas

Yuku is a young mouse who lives with her family in the cellar of a castle. Her grandmother passes on the family values by telling her timeless folk tales. Injured in a tussle with a cat, the old mouse is bedridden and the parents tell their child that she will have to leave them to follow the little blind mole into the tunnels of the earth. In one of her grandmother’s storybooks, Yuku learns that the flower of the Himalayas can save her. She leaves on a journey of discovery to find the flower. She has to cross the rat quarters, go through the crow field to the enchanted forest, go over the little bridge of fear and meet the three giants. And finally, she has to escape from the wolf!

Our Services

  • Development
  • Characters’ Rigging
  • Animation

About the film

  • Directed by Arnaud Demuynck & Rémi Durin
  • Produced by Les Films du Nord
  • 3D Animation, 75 minutes, in development