Animalis Machina – Cococh Industry

Exhibition at Tripostal, Lille February 2025


Animalis machina invites visitors into the heart of the Cococh Industry factory. Spearheading innovative, connected production, this facility centralizes the Cococh’s manufacturing and operating chains. The Cococh is the archetype of a new form of entirely artificial animal whose existence is dedicated to exploiting its own resources.

The installation is a journey made up of some fifteen animated tableaux depicting the factory’s various operating sectors. The scenography consists of tableaux suspended 3.50 meters from the ground. Measuring 2 m wide by 1.50 m high, each painting is a bas-relief sculpted from lightweight materials and mounted on canvas stretched over a frame. Each painting is in fact a screen in volume, onto which an animation is projected that perfectly matches the shape of the bas-relief. This principle simulates a trompe-l’œil impression of animation in volume. The whole is accompanied by sound effects and musical layers that overlap without interfering, giving the visit an all-encompassing, seamless feel. Each sector will be preceded by a cartel written by the author. The bilingual text is accompanied by diagrams and illustrations.


Nos prestations

  • Producer Gabriel Jacquel

A propos du film

  • Director Franck Dion
  • Music Gaël Loison
  • Produced by Loom Prod, Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Rainbox Productions, Pictanovo, CNC, Musée Histoire Naturelle de Lille, Tripostal, Ville de LILLE
  • museographic installation – Mapping
  • 3D Animation