PASS: Parc d’aventures scientifiques Creation of an interactive character The PASS is a company with a social purpose based in Belgium. It is a scientific adventure park which welcomes lots of young people and children. This is an original place that invites people to understand science and technology while having fun. That’s why the PASS Read more about PASS[…]

Duik 16 will be called Bassel

As we’re near the public release of Duik 16, we’ve been thinking about giving it a name.
16 will stay the version number of Duik, but, at Rainbox, we wanted to drop this number and give it a name, because this is not just an incrementation of Duik, it’s been a complete re-writing of the code, everything has been re-thought and re-built for this version. So we’re going to show this by giving it a name. Duik 16 will be called Duik Bassel.
Here’s why.

The Golden Tortoise

The Golden Tortoise A fisherman and his wife live together happily in their humble dwelling. One day, the man finds a tortoise with a golden shell caught in his nets. The tortoise promises the fisherman that all his wishes will come true if he lets her go free. This touching version of a traditional tale Read more about The Golden Tortoise[…]

The Wind in the Reeds

The Wind in the Reeds The Wind in the Reeds is a short movie which is part of a larger program released in theaters in october 2017. You can watch an extract here. We have organized a conference about the making of the film with the director, Nicolas Liguori. You can watch this conference (in Read more about The Wind in the Reeds[…]

Dutranslator is available!

Dutranslator, a tool to translate your scripts and apps. We’ve been talking about it these last few months, our first step to a comprehensive framework for scripts and programs translation and internationalization is available! Still in development, this tool is already working perfectly to manage the translations of our animation script Duik. To contribute to Read more about Dutranslator is available![…]

Why are we running a crowdfunding campaign for Duik 16?

Why are we running a crowdfunding campaign for Duik 16? A couple of weeks ago, we started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the development of the new version of Duik, the 16th. We want to be very honnest with you as we ask for your money, here are all our explanations. It’s in our genes Read more about Why are we running a crowdfunding campaign for Duik 16?[…]

Rich Robin – Under Water

  Official Music Video for Under Water by Rich Robin Directed by Nicolas Dufresne Produced by Mickaël Carton / Rainbox The Band: Enzo Gabert (drums) Maxime Maison (guitar) Benjamin Poupel (bass) Vincent Vieville (guitar) Samir Ziatt (voice) The dancers: Émilie Cauderlier Pacôme Coulibaly François Debaecker Capucine Dupré Lydia Ladevez Valentin Tavernier Audrey Thumerelle Many thanks Read more about Rich Robin – Under Water[…]

Peg bars!

Our peg bars ! At Rainbox we love hand-drawn animation too, so we decided to make our own peg bars 🙂 They’re 3D printed with our own printer, with an environment-friendly PLA plastic ; and we can make them in many colors! On the right there is our logo, and on the left, 16 characters Read more about Peg bars![…]


  A film animated with Duik, our free rigging and animation tool for After Effects. You can watch all films using Duik here. Directed by Fraser Davidson (read his interview here!) Produced by Cub Studio You can see the episodes individually on the #TrumpFacts website

Our clients and partners

Our clients Wasaru Music videos (Le peuple de l’herbe, An Eye on Fall, Wasaru…) Réseau Salariat Motion design Radio France France Info et France Bleu Série pédagogique – épisode 16 | épisode 03 French Communist Party European Left Motion design   C’est magnifique Films d’animation muséographiques Les Films du Nord Court-métrages Printemps de l’éducation Sony Read more about Our clients and partners[…]


We develop our own motion picture softwares (animation, asset management, automation…) ; most of them are released under a free licence. To help us continue developping and releasing those tools for free, you can donate. After Effects Our applications Help and Support Find out more After Effects tools Duik Bassel Inverse kinematics (IK), rigging tools, Read more about Tools[…]

Rainbox Open Tools Crowdfunding Campaign: We did it! Thank you very much to all backers.