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Auto Rig / Walking cycle - Sticking heel

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Auto Rig / Walking cycle - Sticking heel

Post by fredpenninck » Mon May 04, 2020 10:46 am

Hello Everyone,

Hope everything going well for you guys.

I have been working on an astronaut rig and I am facing an issue that I can't solve on my one.

Here is a Screenshot of my rigged character - some parts are dissociated, for some others, I used the puppet and bones tool. everything seems to work fine.
2/ After using the #auto rig & IK tool I had to revert foot position to suit the right-facing rig character. Everything still works perfectly.
3/ Here is my struggle: Once I start the #walking cycle, the character is walking from the right to the left so I reverted the #walking-speed (kmph) but now, the heel sticks to the ground, and I can't find any option related to that.
If anyone can help me?
Thanks in advance,


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Re: Auto Rig / Walking cycle - Sticking heel

Post by Duduf » Thu May 14, 2020 8:19 am

On your second step, how did you reverse the foot?

The issue may be there. You don't have to reverse anything actually, once you've created the structures, you just have to move them to the pivots, it doesn't matter if they're created the other way by default