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2 rigs precomps on one stage

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2 rigs precomps on one stage

Post by IVGu » Wed Jan 22, 2020 2:08 am

Hi all, this might be silly - and in all likelyhood there is a very simple solution to this but so far I am stumped... So I have created a character rig, then I have made a duplicate of that comp with "True Comp Dupliacator", then using the DUIK search and replace I have updated all the expressions and layer names and I have manually renamed all the solids so that everything has a unique name. When I try to add the two rig precomps (RIG1 and RIG2) to a stage composition and then extract the controllers, RIG1extracts and RIG2 doesn't... if i delete them and redo the process again but in different order so I will first extract RIG 2 and then RIG1, then only RIG 2 shows the conrollers and RIG1 doesnt... so I am not sure how I should proceed to animate two rigs on one comp...

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!