Why are we running a crowdfunding campaign for Duik 16?

Why are we running a crowdfunding campaign for Duik 16?

A couple of weeks ago, we started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the development of the new version of Duik, the 16th.

We want to be very honnest with you as we ask for your money, here are all our explanations.

It’s in our genes to always try to share our techniques with other animators. Duik has to be free (as in freedom as well as in free beer) so it can be used everywhere in the world, and to let you be free of doing anything you want with it. A free software is about (complete) freedom of the users.

This means we don’t get any revenue from selling Duik, so we have to find other ways to fund its developement.

The easiest way may be to rely on advertising, but we don’t want to include ads, trackers and bad cookies on our website or even in Duik itself. Advertising limits the freedom of the user, and this is not how we want to share our knowledge and techniques. In a word, we juste hate ads.

We tried to fund Duik with donations. Anyone can donate on our website, and we do get some revenues from donations. To be honest, we can tell you how much: $3,000 per year. This is awesome, and once again we want to thank and send our deepest love to our faithful donators.


This is clearly not enough.
The development of a new version of Duik costs about $8,000 (mostly the salaries of the developpers). And alongside the development itself, we have to write the documentation, we have to cover the cost of the distribution (web server, web site development…), we have to help people using Duik, we have to answer questions, we have to fix the inevitable (and so annoying) bugs, we want to translate Duik in as many languages as possible… This also cost time, and money. We estimate all those costs to other $6,000 or $7,000, which we need each year. This is approximately $15,000 for both the development and the support of Duik when we develop a big new version like Duik 16.

So yes, we need this crowdfunding, we need those $10,000.
Of course, during the past ten years, Duduf was able to develop Duik himself, and ran only one crowdfunding campaign in ten years, raising about 7,000$. But at the beginning, Duik was much simpler, and now, as it grows, it takes a lot more time to develop it. Besides, the new features are much more complicated than the original IK which were the only feature of Duik v1 😉

Please, help Duik 16, share this crowdfunding campaign!

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