Duik is free software released under the “GNU General Public License” – more about this license here.
Version: 15.52 (ChangelogGithub) – 06/22/2017

Read the release notes to know more about the new features of the latest version (15.5).
Some complementary tools are available below on this page.



The first official video course about Duik is online!

5h+ videos to learn character rigging with our partner tuto.com !

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  • License

    If you have questions about the license of Duik, if you want to know what you can and cannot do with it, answers are here.

  • Installation

    Duik 15 is compatible with all versions of After Effects since CS3.

    If you use After Effects 7, you can download Duik 10.
    If you have any trouble installing Duik, have a look at the instructions in the user guide.

  • Development

    If you’re a developper and you want to use Duik functions, you may start by downloading the Duik 15 Development Kit.


If, in your opinion, Duik deserves to be paid for, you can buy it for the price of your choice, for the price you think is fair.