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Improved User Interface
Import and Export Tools

• TVPaint
• Adobe Audition
• Animation as XML or JSON (including audio transcoding/conforming with ffmpeg)


• 2D Multiplane Camera (layer names, ability to choose the index of the Camera)
• Lock & Shy option on IK creation
• Scale Z-Link now works as a toggle (the effect is removed when clicking on the button)
• (15.51) Added a “Developper Mode” for better debugging and other tweaks

Easy translation tool:

to make your own translations of Duik


• IK Goal on layers with keyframes
• Cel Animation & Onion Skin when the layer does not start at the beginning of the comp
• Expressions are now created using double quotes for strings instead of single quotes. This is a work around for a bug in After Effects when renaming items.
• (15.51) UI freezes when an error is generated
• (15.52) Bones on shape layers


New translations:

• Español
• Polski


• Better 1-Layer IK expression


Bezier IK auto-orientation
• 1-Layer IK + Goal
• FootRoll expression now uses ‘thisComp’ instead of ‘comp(“name”)’
• 3D Wiggle fixed
• Bones on very small layers have now a minimum size of 4×4 pixels
• Removed (buggy) startup progress bar


Source code documentation
• Translation framework update


• Improved update checking, updated to rainboxprod.net



• Scale Z-Link on 2D Layers


• Mac installer for Mac CC2015.3
• Keyframe tools on shape properties
• Onion Skin (cel anim tool)
• Randomize on Mac



• Updates check at startup



• IK: default auto-shrink value to 0
• Bones: fixed minimum size


• Interpolations: ease when changing influences on linear keys
• Chinese translation update



• CS4 compatibility
• Encoding issue: Duik now works correctly on systems with non-latin characters
• Search and Replace tool
• Autorig: fixed neck rotation with characters with only one layer for the torso
• Autorig: fixed spine without neck



• Footroll orientation



• FK over IK



• Duik creates groups managed by Dugr
• Able to simply duplicate rig using the Import Rig tool
• Option to display buttons instead of sliders in the interpolation tool


• Import rig
• Error messages
• Editing controller shapes
• Bone names
• Controller size update
• IK
• File encoding



• German translation


• 2-Layer IK on shape layers



• New installer for Mac OSX and Windows

New user interface:

• Completely redesigned user interface
• “Expert mode” for a smaller interface (available in the settings panel)
Added an installation wizard on Duik launch

New automation tools:

• Randomize tool
• Paint group tool / Paint rigging tool
• Move away tool, to move a layer away from its parent
• Blink animation tool
• Time remap tools
• Cel animation tools & paint onion skin
• New adaptative exposure tool
• New Exposure: detect from footage

New camera tools:

• Scale Z-Link camera tool
• 2D Multiplane Camera tool
• Import Camera from TVPaint

New rigging tools:

• Autorig, for plantigrades, digitigrades, ungulates, and single limbs
• 3-Layer IK
• Bezier IK
• List tool
• Import rig in comp tool
• Lock properties
NNew nice vector controllers, instead of nulls. Old behaviour with null objects can be restored in the settings panel.
• Search and replace: in expressions, layers names, project items, case sensitive or not


• Spring: added controller to adjust trigger speed
• Added a limit value on layers with IK (to fix rotation morph problems)
• Buttons from animation panel able to create keyframes
• Placement options for bones and controllers (settings panel)
• Cam rig uses new Duik controllers (vector)
• Removed duplicate settings (controllers)
• Rename tool now able to rename layers, puppet pins or project items
• Rename tool now updates expressions in the comp
• Rename tool: ability to remove first/last digits
• Zeros now handle scale
• Bones can be created on any spatial property
• Bones auto size
• Wiggle is now able to loop
• Controllers: abilty to lock/unlock and hide/unhide selected controllers, or all controllers in the comp
• removed 3D Cam (After Effects now includes a better script to rig 3D Cams)
• When rigging, controllers (only) are now automatically selected at the end of the functions
• Distance link : min and max distance are automatically calculated (+/- 25% of current distance)
• Better one-layer IK: FK over IK and weight.
• Replaced expression controls by Pseudo Effects
• Duik now uses libDuik
• Create IK: now automatically detects IK orientation
• New translation system
• IK auto-shrink
• IK without zeros


• Copy/paste animation now fully working
• Bone on layer with scale <0
• Spring on multiple properties
• Wiggle with separate dimensions on 2D scale
• Launching Duik from the File/Scripts/Run Script… menu
• CS3 Compatibility


Translation update: German.


Bugfix :
Autorig : “Undo group mismatch”.


Bugfix :
Wiggle : Wiggle on the position of 2D layers.


Wheel: ability to reverse the wheel with a checkbox in the effects of the layer
Bones: ability to choose the color when they are created as solids (in the settings panel)
Wiggle: can be applied on any property
Controllers: ability to create several at once
Zéros: ability to create several at once
Spring: ability to choose between the heavy, simulated version or the light one

Undoing (Ctrl + Z) the RotMorph
Apostrophes in the names of the bones
Translation of the effects of the wheel tool


Minor bugfixes:
RotMorph won’t show an error message when there are no keyframes anymore
Some tools didn’t work when there was locked layers in the comp: fixed!
Undo/Redo with the autorig entered an infinite loop and freezed After Effects: fixed!


Minor bugfixes:
Calc displaying result in the main fiel
Character number limit in the notepad


New option for the size of the bones and controllers so they automatically adapt to composition size, the user choosing its preferred size: small, medium, big.
Upgrade to make the simulation lighter
New option when creating on the position property to deactivate simulation to make the computing lighter
Wheel upgraded, it now works in all directions
Bugfixes :
Goal on a layer without parent
Bones being created out of place with shape layers
Autorig fixes and translation (C_epaules)



Rotation Morph

Copy/paste l’animation

IK :
Stretchy IK (on three layers)
Options added when creating IK
IK on one layer fixed and upgraded
IK goal without the need to duplicate layer
FK over IK
IK upgraded

Possibility to create bones on several puppet pins at once, and on several layers at once (bones will be created on every pin if none were selected)

User Interface upgraded
Calculator upgraded
Images included in the script itself (par Kevin Schires)

Possibility to choose bones size (settings)
Possibility to choose controlers size (settings)
Possibility to choose bones type (solid or null)

Spring upgraded (simulation when applied on position, fixes)

Translations :
New translation system ; you can complete the translations in the file « duik_translations.jsxinc » with a simple text editor

Known Bugs (will be corrected on 14.1):
IK: when the user does not correctly select the layers, Duik warns the user but still tries – and fails – to create the IK.
User Interface: On AFX CS4, the texts on the buttons are white on a light grey background, which makes them difficult to read.


“Exposure” tool (to change the exposure of an animation)
“Oscillation” tool (sinusoidal animation)
“Path Follow” tool (auto orientation on the animation of the position)
Notepad added
“Interpolations” tool is now integrated as a new panel on the main Duik UI.
Bugfix : morpher does not anymore create an expression on itself.
Bugfix : bones are not anymore created out of place.


“Links” tool upgraded : it can now easily link two properties using expressions, even on layers from two different compositions.
New “interpolations” tool allowing you to easily manage keyframes types and their interpolations.
An independant dockable panel for this “interpolations” tool.
“Morpher” can now be applied on many properties in only one clic.
“Spring” tool can now animate bouncing on a surface.


“Links” tool upgraded: you can now select and relink layers
3D IK creation can be done when facing the Right view or the Front view
Bugfix of the “rename” tool


New UI (design : Zeg)
IK on 3D Layers (thanks to Eric Epstein)
IK Goal upgraded
“Links” tool
Beginning of a Spanish translation (Manel Diago Tello)
Many bug fixes (calques de forme, IK avec noms de calques trop longs, Zéro en mode discret…)
No more “oldafter” version for versions of After Effects prior to CS3


New “Zero” function,
New “Rename” function.


New “Spring” function,
Bugfixes of the “Distance link”


Simplified creation of IK,
Bugfixes and upgrade of the morpher
Bones upgraded
The expression created by the morpher can be copied and pasted from an effect to another,
“Lens” upgraded
Source code upgraded
New “Distance Link” function
New “LookAt” function
New “measure” button
Functions now check if there is two layers that share the same name
New user interface
Added preferences : language selection, update checking.


New “lens” button which creates lens flares with user layers.


IK on one bone upgraded, to allow rotation even if an IK has been applied (FK upon IK).


Morpher upgraded.


New “3d cam” button
New “morpher” button


New “camera button”.
Since 15/03/2009 :
Duik is released under the GNU General Public License


New “wheel” button


New “Bone” button which allow IKs on a puppet


New “Wiggle” button


New “Controller” button
Source code upgraded




IK 2+1 upgraded
Source code optimized