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Duik has been conceived to be as simple and user friendly as possible. However, rigging can be a complex work, and we are aware of that. A comprehensive user guide of Duik is available, we’re making tutorials, and you can get help on the forum!

duik15_specialDuik 15 was crowdfunded in february, 2015

This is the biggest update of duik so far. Here are the main things which were added/improved:

libDuik: Duik is now based on the new library libDuik which contains all of Duik functions, and other useful tools for developpers.
Being free software, as Duik, you can include it in your own scripts (as long as you release them under the same license, as a non-commercial software) and use all Duik functions very easily.
Autorig: Duik 15 includes a brand new autorig, able to rig bipeds and quadrupeds of any kind (as long as they are vertebrates) and even birds and fishes.
UI: The User Interface of Duik has been completely redesigned, to make it easier to understand and quicker to use.
New automations: Randomize, Paint Group and Paint Rig, Move Away, Blink, Cel animation, Exposure tools, Time remap…
Camera tools: To ease manipulating the cameras, the camera tool set has been greatly improved.
3-layer IK
Bezier IK
And lots of other new features…

See the changelog for a complete list of changes.


This tool is essential in many cases – to animate a character, especially for a walk, a run; to animate mechanical processes of any kind, etc. – inverse kinematics implied the use of very complex trigonometrical expressions in After Effects (see Dan Ebberts‘s expressions). Duik automates this creation process to allow you to focus on the animation! A simple controller at the end of an arm, of a leg, or on the shoulders, an IK that you created in one clic, now you can animate the entire limb just by modifying the position of the hand or the foot!


Bones are layers which replace puppet pins in After Effects. Created in a single click, they can be parented and be controlled by IK’s. You can reproduce the exact same methods like for the rigging of characters in 3D, but in After Effects. The puppet acts like with skinning, and Duik fills out the setup!


Most of the characters are alike… Arms, Legs, Head… To avoid repeating the same work again and again, Duik’s Autorig can automatically rig a character! You only have to move the anchor points to the appropriate joints (or create bones if you use a puppet)and the Autorig does the job: controllers, parenting, IK’s, expressions…
And because anyone is unique, the Autorig adapts to your character: wether it has only one arm, or it’s legs don’t have knees, it doesn’t matter, the rig is automaticaly adapted.


In addition to main rigging tools (IK, Bones, Autorig), Duik has many other advanced tools, to control layers, ease expressions creation…

Now well trained users as well as the ones skilled in 3D can create characters’ rigging in After Effects and reproduce the principles that are used in 3D, combining IK, links and expressions…


It’s one thing to have well rigged characters, now you have to animate them easily! Duik brings all kinds of animation and dynamics controllers, from the powerful Spring, which automates overlaps, to the Wheel, which automates the rotation of the layer while it translates.
Among those tools, now you can copy/paste an animation from several layers at once very easily, into the same comp to repeat the animation, or from a comp to another to reuse it.
There is also a very simple interface to manage interpolations to animate very easily without manipulating curves.


Duik is the first script ever to be shipped with a complete library of all its functions, called libDuik, easy to include and use in your own scripts. Now, you can use everything Duik can do to develop your own autorig or improve your workflow with automated tasks including Duik functions.

A comprehensive developper guide is available to make it easy to understand and use libDuik.

A development kit is available, and you may have a look at the github tree.

libDuik is free to use, modify, and share – it is released under the free software license GNU-GPL v3. The only condition is that if you include libDuik in your script, you will have to choose a compatible free software license to release it.


Duik was created because it was needed in some animation productions, and now it’s done, let’s share it!
Duik is completely free, and will stay free, for any purpose. You can download it, use it, share it, modify it, as much as you want!
Being free, Duik became a must-have to animate on After Effects, used worldwide, downloaded more than 300 000 times since its first release in 2009. And this won’t change! Even being a great success, Duik won’t be sold. Let’s share techniques and knowledge!

So, Duik is free software licensed under the GNU-GPL v3. More about Rainbox’s tools licenses here.

If you want to help development, so it can continue to evolve, and help maitain this website up, you can donate the amount of your choice.



Nicolas Dufresne – Lead Developper
Kevin Masson – Developper
Dan Ebberts – Developping the original IK Expressions
• Kevin Schires – Including images in the script
• Eric Epstein – IK with 3D Layers
Matias Poggini – Bezier IK
• Zeg – UI design
Motion Cafe – Ideas and feedback
• Fous d’anim – Ideas and feedback
• Assia Chioukh and Quentin Saint-Georges – guides


• eZioPan – Simplified Chinese
• Ana Arce – Spanish
• Adam Szczepański – Polish

• And many thanks for the crowdfunders who showed their love to Duik!

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