We develop our own motion picture softwares (animation, asset management, automation…) ; most of them are released under a free licence.

To help us continue developping and releasing those tools for free, you can donate.

After Effects tools

Other older tools developped by Duduf are still available on duduf.net, but there is no more support for them, waiting for their possible update and release here.
Those tool may not work properly with the latest versions of After Effects, or have not been updated in a long time.

Ducop – Duduf Comp Parameters, easy management of multiple compositions parameters.
Duac – Duduf Actions, automation and easy scripts creation.
Durend – Duduf Renderer, Rendering management and optimization, background rendering.

Our applications

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At Rainbox, our tools are freely shared, and as a tool without explanation is not really useful, we also provide free support of the tools. We strongly support free software.
We’re always looking for new ways to fund all this work, trying to stay nice, honnest, and useful. (you can read this article).

To help the free release of these tools, the production of tutorials and user guides, and all other non-profit actions, you can make a donation.