Peg bars!

Our peg bars !

At Rainbox we love hand-drawn animation too, so we decided to make our own peg bars 🙂
They’re 3D printed with our own printer, with an environment-friendly PLA plastic ; and we can make them in many colors!

On the right there is our logo, and on the left, 16 characters you can customize!

And because we like to share what we do, if you have your own 3D printer, we give you the files you’ll need to print them!

  • The Blender file, to customize the text or make your own modifications (be careful to scale the dimensions 10 times when you export to STL)
  • The STL file ready to be printed, at the right scale.

If you don’t have a printer, maybe we could arrange to print them for you 😉 contact us!

Peg bar dans l'imprimante 3D

Nos premières peg bars

Rainbox sur une peg bar !