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Mythomen, the funniest and most underdog satirical animation movie of all time.

Written by Duduf


A feature film directed by Sébastien Périer – a.k.a. Yenaphe – who will speak at a Duik 15 Event conference. An After Effects madman.

Mythomen, the world ain’t worth enough

Mythomen: The World ain’t Worth Enough follows the coming of age story of Edouard Abd Al Beaulieu, trying to live his dream by becoming an employee of the Mythomen Group, the first ever official Super Hero** company.

Jean-Denis, Mythomen CEO, designed a suit in a very special fabric that turns regular Joes into powerful flying icons. Ad supported and one coupon at a time, Mythomen comes to rescue you for free. This new unfair competition is fiercely fought by the firefighters, last remnant of the public services, who struggle for their survival. Will Edouard make it? Will the city of Pasquin be saved from an impending doom? Will Kokura Sarov, the most powerful women on earth gets what she wants and what she deserves?

All this gift wrapped in a full-on parody world, filled with fake brands, jokes and more satire than meets the eyes.

The film will be produced with a tiny budget, using advanced techniques in After Effects, and what’s really cool with that is that the process will be completeley open.

We want to release all the tools we’re developing so you can use them. We want to show you all the hell we’ll be going through, all the pitfalls, failures & success, so we can all learn from that. In fact, we want to go the exact opposite way of what animation is today, with their super secret in-house software and Defcon 4 security pipeline so they can tout their whimsical technical advantage!

By the way, there already is a website explaining the process and posting news about the project (

Why do I support the project.

For all these reasons, and because I’m sure the film will be funny, mad, cool, and groovy, because I like this idea of mature animation made for adults (like South Park, Bojack Horseman, or Beavis and Butt-Head), because I like the process and its openess, because Sebastian is a nice and very funny guy, in short because I’m eager to see the movie itself as much as to see it being produced, I decided to support the project as much as possible. And I invite you to do the same.


Of course, doing things like that may made it hard to find producers.

A crowdfunding campaign is going on at Indiegogo, to help the beginning of the production of the movie, and I invite you to give it a hand.

More details here, help them! Even if you cannot give much, do not hesitate to share the link ( and infos, sharing is needed as much as money!

To thank you for your support, every backer who gave between $10 and $49 will get a discount to go at the Duik 15 Event, and those who gave more than $50 can come for free!

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