At Rainbox, the tools we use are shared for free and – a tool without explanation being a bit useless – we try to help people use those tools.
And we like to share our techniques, we like to not have any trade secret, and simply helping our neighbours.
So, here are some ways to train with us!

Training, conferences, schools

Teaching is important at Rainbox; it is a good way to share and exchange views and techniques, very rewarding both for students and teachers…


We sometimes hold some conferences, for example about Duik, animation and our techniques, or about free software, our activities, or about our principles and our cooperative structure… Contact us if you want us to orgnize a conference together!
You can watch some of our conferences in video.


We like to teach in different schools to share our techniques and experience.
We can teach in the field of expertise of each member of Rainbox, including Duik and animation with After Effects, compositing with After Effects (for 2D or 3D), rigging with 3DS Max, 3D animation, editing (with Lightworks, Avid or Premiere), directing an animated film, production, development

These are some schools where we already teach (all are in France):

Supinfocom Rubika (Valenciennes)
MOPA (Arles)
Les Gobelins (Paris)
e-Artsup (Lille)
Esaat (Roubaix)
Pole IIID (Roubaix)

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us to come to your school!


We teach professionnals with Carpe Media, a training center in Lille, France. See this page in French for more information.