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  • Thank you so much for all your hard work! I will donate when I’m able. You are making a lot of art possible that might not be feasible without your efforts. You are making a positive impact on the world and you should be proud.

    • Hi Michael,
      Many, many thanks for your kind message!
      This is heart-warming and the exact reason why we work this way, reading this kind of feedback 😉

  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for your work! It really helps me alot in my work. But I hope you can consider to translate your tutorial into English.

    Thanks again! You guys are awesome!!!

  • Merci pour la leçon et le partage d’expertise! It is helping me improve my French whilst also pushing my animation to the next level! I have been making the slow transition from traditional hand drawn animation and much simpler 2D Flash animations which I used to develop on to using much more advanced and fun animation functions in After Effects (after using DUIK I do not miss my prior process with a Lightbox and archive of thousands of sheets of paper), I will donate as soon as I get my next big client.

    Bonne continuation

    • Salut Caleb, et merci beaucoup pour ce message !
      I’m glad those tutorials help you learn more than just animation 😉
      Learning Duik may be the path to learn 3D animation too, as the techniques in 3D are very similar as those of Duik 😉
      What we love in our jobs is that we never cease to learn new things.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  • Duduf, you are amazing! Thank you for these awesome tools and resources that make it possible for anyone to create. It’s a beautiful gift that gives back to the community. You are inspiring and definitely the community will keep your work and coop alive. MERCI!!!

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