Duik 15.5 is available

Duik 15.5 is available!

A new version of Duik is available, including the first of the long awaited import/export tools.

Download Duik here!

Better User Interface

We’ve updated the User Interface, for a better compatibility and appearance, both with older versions of After Effects (especially CS4) and on the latest version, CC2017.2.

Import/export tools

The first tools dedicated to exchange with other softwares have been developed!

• The export animation tool allows to save animations in an open format, JSON or XML.
The exported file can then be reimported in After Effects, in another project, on another character… Those files will be used by Duik in the future for the development of an animation library, and will be able to contains complete character rigs too.
These JSON and XML formats can also be easily interpreted by other softwares, such as game engines, with just a bit of development.

• It is now possible to import a clip from TVPaint!
First, you need to export the TVPaint clip using the script MJ_AFX_Export: drag and drop the script on the TVPaint window, follow the instructions to install it, then click on the script button. TVPaint will export the current clip, in the folder containing the opened project file.
Then, with Duik, import the clip, by selected the file “clipinfo.txt” in the folder of the exported TVPaint clip.
Duik then builds a new composition in After Effects which is exactly the same as the TVPaint clip.
More infos are available on the TVPaint forum.

• Import a camera from TVPaint.
You can import a camera previously exported from TVPaint (using the options of the camera panel in TVPaint).

• Export to Audition

A very simple tool which will create an Audition Multitrack session from an After Effects Composition. All the audio layers will be imported in the session. Check the “Transcode and conform media” box if there are videos with audio in the composition, so that the audio will be automatically extracted and imported in Audition.


Several tools have been improved, thanks to users feedback.

• 2D Multiplane Camera

You can now choose to automatically link the selected layers to the tool, or manually set the number of layers. You can also choose the index of the camera controller. And now, the layers are named based upon the selected layers names.

• Option to Lock & Shy the layers when creating IK

• Scale Z-Link now works as a toggle: click again on the tool to remove the effect from the layers once they are correctly placed.


Our tool to translate Duik is finally available, to make your own translations, in any language! More infos here.


At last, as always, several bugs have been fixed. See the changelog for a comprehensive list.

Download Duik here!